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Bike!: A Tribute to the World’s Greatest Cycling Designers – book

By 01.02.2021.September 22nd, 2021No Comments

I got this book few years ago, right after I acquire vintage Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra bicycle. Reason for getting this book is to learn more about history of bicycle designers and as usually many pictures in a book.

Book allowed me to learn more about cycling history, about people who build this history, designed beautiful and fast bicycles and people who rode them.

With a way how content is presented, book looks like children book for elders. Book can also help creating herbarium. It weighs 1380 g.

You can find this book at you favorite online book store.

Editors: Richard Moore and Daniel Benson.

Publisher: Aurum Press / ISBN: 9781781312346

Note: My English ain’t perfect, but we understand each other, don’t we ?

Author Robert Rigo

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