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Length: 39 km | Total ascent: 60 m | Coffee: Lake Jarun | Date: 10.2.2024. | Surface: Gravel, asphalt | Route at: Komoot | Download: GPX

The area along the Sava River and Zagreb is surrounded by numerous lakes. And islands live in the lakes, some small, some larger. Whatever it is, lakes and islands attract animals and people to their vicinity.

The lakes, islands and rapids of Zagreb are most easily visited by cycling along the Sava embankments, which will take us to lakes Jarun, Ontario, Bundek and Savica, and the Savski Kamenji rapids.

The route starts and ends at the most popular lake, Lake Jarun. And its largest part stretches along the Sava embankments.

In some parts, due to safety and habits, we share space with pedestrians. So let’s be careful and tolerant, because we are all pedestrians and cyclists.

Since the route stretches mostly along embankments, we recommend riding on a gravel or mtb bike with tires min. 35 mm wide. We rarely meet vehicles, and for safety’s sake we use the sidewalk for a short strech (Sava bridge -> Hendrix bridge, southern embankment).

Driving on the embankments is best in spring and autumn when the grass on the embankments is the lowest. During the summer, the embankments are mowed regularly, but the grass grows faster.

If you want a slightly longer ride, combine this route with the route Along embankments of river Sava and ornithological reserve Sava – Strmec.

How to get to the start
The route starts and ends by Lake Jarun, at the parking lot next to the Dom tehnike.

Note: My English ain’t perfect, but we understand each other, don’t we?