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Length: 130 km | Total ascent: 1750 m | Coffee: Sošice, Krašić, Samobor | Date: 15.6.2019. | Surface: Asphalt, gravel | Route at: Komoot | Download: GPX

Žumberak and Samobor mountains are very popular for nature lovers. And it is very popular among road and mountain cyclists.

Route starts and ends in Samobor. It is covering asphalt and gravel roads with low or no traffic. Samobor is situated below mountains and it is easily accessible with bicycle from Zagreb.

Nature is at its best. Beautiful! Route often passes through forests and mountain meadows.

The best time to go cycling is spring and autumn. Guess why! I do not recommend summer due to hot weather.

Along the way you can meet a lot of wild animals. I met roe deer, fox and rabbit. Funny bunch of people.

Due to characteristics, this are is not packed with all the commodities of life. So don’t expect groceries store on every bent. Get yourself prepared. You can get proper sandwich in Krašić in groceries store. And café is near by.

Majority of route is on low traffic roads, but asphalt is not in best of condition. Therefore, wear wider and stronger tires (like gravel tires). After 99 km route turns into very good gravel for a 13 km.

And yes, if you meet Željka the roe deer, Oana the fox or Thomas the rabbit, don’t be a stranger, say hello to them.

Note: As usual, my English ain’t perfect, but we understand each other, don’t we?