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Length: 236 km | Total ascent: 1100 m | Coffee: Bjelovar, Daruvar, Veliki Grđevac, Krapje | Companion: Damir Š. | Date: 8. i 9.10.2022. | Surface: Asphalt | Route at: Komoot | Download: GPX

The route takes us on a two-day cycling through the Bilogora and Moslavina regions to Lonjsko polje valley. The route is ideal for a weekend stay in nature with a bicycle. Along the way, we followed two cycling routes, the BBŽ county route and Sava cycling route kroz Lonjsko polje.

Everything started from Križevci, where we came by train and headed in the direction of Bjelovar. If we drive the route in autumn, we can expect fog. In Bjelovar, we stayed a little longer for coffee and at the local bakery. Arriving at Daruvar rewarded us with a climb that ensured that dinner was highly sought after. We spent the night in Daruvar.

The next day, we continue towards Lonjsko Polje, and we would especially single out the part between Doljana and Gaja, which is particularly romantic, a local road without traffic. We spent the second part of the day in Lonjsko Polje following the river Sava upstream to Sisak. The Sava route through Lonjsko Polje stretches through a number of places that are still dominated by numerous wooden houses built in the traditional way. Sisak welcomes us at the end where we board the train to Zagreb.

From the technical details, we should pay attention to the road between Gornji Bolč and Gudovac, and the road between Grubišni Polje and Daruvar, both of which are a bit busier.