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Length: 34 km | Total ascent: 740 m | Coffee: Merag | Companion: Mario P. | Date: 20.4.2019. | Surface: Asphalt| Route at: Komoot | Download: GPX

This short cycling route is most beautiful in spring and most probably in autumn (we still have to come in autumn), and for sure out of tourism season.

We came to island Cres with ferry from Brestova while cycling from Rijeka over island Cres and Krk. For me this route was most beautiful part of cycling and that is why I am writing about her.

After you leave ferry, wait for a bit, so all cars goes and you will have peaceful ride on narrow island road. Route is full of panoramic views and don’t just cycle, stop and enjoy scenery.

At Merag there is no running water (2019.), but there is a nice cafe where you can drink coffee or enjoy ice cream.

If you want, with this route you can continue all the way till Mali Lošinj, but this I will leave for a next time.

As it happens, my GPS was not working (GPX in attachment was drawn on computer). Probably telling me to enjoy the ride not enjoying looking at GPS. Next time I will record the ride and probably go to Mali Lošinj.

Note: As usual, my English ain’t perfect, but we understand each other, don’t we?