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Length: 510 km | Total ascent: 3400 m | Coffee: Along the way, as you pleased | Companion: Robert G. | Date: 9.6.2019. | Surface: Asphalt | Route at: Komoot | Download: GPX

Summer is approaching in fast pace, so it was time to use the opportunity and do the touring before it looks more like barbecue then cycling.

I was traveling light and fast in bikepacking style. First leg of tour was done via train from Zagreb to Karlovac.

The rest of touring was on beautiful local roads with low traffic roads. Of course, near bigger places you encounter big “fishes”, but you sit tight and relax on local roads.

It has been long time since I was touring last time. And I forgot few things I had to rediscover all over again. Like, there was no point cycling more then 100 km or 1500 m of ascent per day. Otherwise you spend whole day on bicycle looking at asphalt then other things.

Note: As usual, my English ain’t perfect, but we understand each other, don’t we?