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Ferryboat over river Sava (close to Zagreb)

By 14.04.2018.September 22nd, 2021No Comments
View at a river Sava and ramp to ferryboat. Bicycle is leaning on ramp. Picture taken: 13.5.2018.

LENGTH: Over the river | TOTAL ASCENT: Almost none | COFFEE: No coffee there | DATE: 14.4.2018. | PLACE AT: Komoot | DOWNLOAD: GPX

Ferryboat crossing over river Sava (village Medsave near Zagreb) is my favorite location because it is romantic and old fashioned and it is much safer alternative then going from Podsused to Zaprešić through tunnels. I know that tunnels are short, but they make me creepy and cars drivers think they are alone on road.

With this crossing you can choose where you want to cycle, north or south of river Sava. Ferryboat is crossing every day, unless it is a high water or some unexpected situation. Ticket is only 5 kn (10.10.2020.) for a ride.

Note: My English ain’t perfect, but we understand each other, don’t we ?

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