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Length: 30 km | Total ascent: 30 m | Date: 26.11.2023. | Surface: Asphalt, gravel | Route at: Komoot | Download: GPX

This route stretches north along the Sava River and starts next to the Zaprešić – Savska railway station (so we can get to the beginning of the route by train).

Throughout this area, the Sava flowed through numerous backwaters, which today are difficult to recognize because the Sava, through the intervention of people, was caught in today’s riverbed. The character and role of the Sava can also be recognized by numerous “gravel pits” where gravel is extracted and sometimes when the Sava flows into the nearby fields during high water levels.

One branch of the old Sava can still be clearly seen today south of the village of Zdenci (approx. 8.5 km of the route, southwest of the road).

At the confluence of the Sutla into Sava, there is a rest area where we can rest along the Sava river. In this place long ago there was a ferry that connected Ključ Brdovečki and Jesenice in Slovenia.

From Ključ, all the way past Brdovac, we ride along the arranged bicycle path to the railway line. The bike path offers a beautiful view of Vranyczany Castle in Laduč, and next to the path is the ancient site of a Roman villa.

The route extends for a large part on macadam and field roads, so we recommend riding on a gravel or mtb bike with tires min. 35 mm wide. Occasionally we also encounter a grassy surface. When we ride outside the gravel/field roads, we are on roads with little traffic and a bike path.

If you want a slightly longer ride, combine this route with the route Along embankments of river Sava and ornithological reserve Sava – Strmec and reward yourself with a ferry ride across the Sava.

How to get to the start
The route starts and ends next to the railway station Zaprešić – Savska, so the beginning of the route is easily reached by train.

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