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Length: 85 km | Total ascent: 400 m | Coffee: Šenkovec, Brežice, Samobor | Date: 2.9.2023. | Surface: Asphalt, gravel | Route at: Komoot | Download: GPX

This route is full of numerous interesting historical and natural sites in the valleys of the three rivers Sava, Sutla and Krka. We cycle along lakes Orešje (popular promenade) and Strmec (ornithological reserve). In the vicinity of Zdenac Brdovečki, we can see the bed where the Sava flowed before it was regulated in the way it is today. It is interesting that the same area is under water during the great flood of the Sava River.

In Slovenia, we drive along the valley of the river Sutla, and near Brežice along the embankment along the river Sava.

In the last part of the route, we drive along the route of the historical Samoborček train that connected Samobor with Zagreb from 1901 to 1979.

Wherever we can, we drive along the numerous embankments along the rivers, which offer beautiful views of the surroundings.

The route stretches mostly on macadam and field roads, so we recommend cycling on a gravel or mtb bike with tires min. 35 mm wide. Occasionally we also encounter a grassy surface. When we cycle outside the gravel/field roads, we are on roads with little traffic.

If you want a slightly shorter route, try the route Along embankments of river Sava and ornithological reserve Sava – Strmec. Or learn more about the route Along the tracks of the historical train Samoborček.

How to get to the start
The route starts and ends south of Lake Orešje. The lake can be easily reached by personal or public transport (train + a bit of cycling).

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