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Length: 83 km | Total ascent: 300 m | Coffee: Kumrovec | Date: 29.9.2020. | Surface: Asphalt | Route at: Komoot | Download: GPX

Cycling route is taking us through Western Zagorje region along few castles, traditional village and birth place of J. Broz Tito. Region is particularly beautiful during spring and autumn, when the nature is full of colors and smells. Roads are comfortable for cycling without major traffic.

Route starts from Zaprešić which can be easily reached by train from Zagreb.

At Žejinici, we leave main road to cycling through small valley of Domahovo. We recently discovered this valley.

At Tuheljske Topice route continues along a road with a bit more traffic, but still comfortable for cycling. Looking from a same road, at V. Horvatska, you can spot castle Pallfy-Erdödy (1611.) on a hill. Long time ago castle had a beautiful gardens.

Between villages Velinci and Kladnik we jumped over a steep hill, but it is very short and rest is downhill.

Kumrovec is a place we can stop and drink coffee. It is world famous village due to birth place of J. Broz Tito. Also by its exhibition of traditional architecture from beginning of 20th century.

Further we follow Sutla river vally. At Novi Dvori Klanječki there is a castle with a name Novi Dvori Cesargradski, but it is a ruin. In good shape is only warehouse by main road.

Road along Sutla valley is comfortable to cycle without a lot of traffic. Almost none.

At village Harmica, those tired can take a train to Zaprešić. Route continues south of railroad tracks along less traffic roads.